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The medical team of Dr. Chacko Jegan is a highly skilled and dedicated group of healthcare professionals committed to providing exceptional patient care. With a focus on comprehensive and personalized medical treatment, the team leverages their expertise and compassionate approach to deliver outstanding healthcare services. They prioritize open communication, actively involving patients in their healthcare decisions and addressing their concerns with empathy and respect.

Dr. Chacko Jegan

Internal Medicine Expert

A doctor of internal medicine who is known for his unwavering dedication to providing exceptional patient care. His main focus is a compassionate approach towards his patients focusing on their mental and physical well being.
Dr. Jegan is driven by a genuine passion for helping others. He constantly goes above and beyond to ensure that each patient receives the personalized attention and comprehensive care they deserve. A skilled clinician who is also deeply empathetic, he makes sure to take the time to listen to his patients’ concerns and to develop treatment plans that are tailored to their individual needs while also involving them in developing their treatment plan.

Mr. Subish

Fitness Consultant

Embark on a journey of unparalleled strength and transformation with Mr.Subish S, an extraordinary world-class bodybuilder, revered fitness coach, personal trainer, and esteemed dietitian. With an awe-inspiring track record as a three-time Mr. Kerala and one-time Mr. India runner-up, Mr. Subish S ignites the fire within individuals, empowering and motivating them to sculpt their bodies and embrace a vibrant, healthier lifestyle. Through personalized training programs, expert nutrition guidance, and unwavering support, he unveils the path to unlocking your true potential. 

Subish will help you unleash your inner warrior help you battle your physical and mental battles. Witness the remarkable results that await you under the guidance of Mr. Subish S, an embodiment of dedication, knowledge, and extraordinary achievements in the world of fitness.

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